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KRFP Real Radio Dinner and Auction
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    KRFP Heavy Metal Vomit Party!
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    For the area’s hardest core!

    Saturday May 19th 7pm at the Moscow Moose Lodge

    ****$4 Cover ****** All Ages ****** Bar with ID****


    Black metal from Pullman, WA

    Tim Blood and the Gutpanthers

    Punk Rock from Moscow, ID


    Sludge metal from Lewiston, ID

    VD Victims

    Punk Rock from Lewiston, ID

    The Kitchen

    Punk/Math Rock from Moscow, ID

      CMJ Charts for the week of Oct 25 – Nov 1 2011
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      Apple iTunesYou can buy most of this music on iTunes.

      1 JANE’S ADDICTION The Great Escape Artist Capitol
      2 GIFT Explode La Folie
      3 FORREST DAY Forrest Day Ninth Street Opus
      4 ANTIOQUIA My Piano Ate The Front Page Of The San Francisco Chronicle 
      5 PRIMUS Green Naugahyde ATO
      6 TIM HORNER The Places We Feel Free Miles High
      7 ED HALE AND THE TRANSCENDENCE All Your Heroes Become Villains Dying Van Gogh
      8 2CELLOS 2cellos Sony
      9 DRY RIVER YACHT CLUB Family Portraits Calm Mutiny [EP] 
      10 BREEDINGS Laughing At Luck Self-Released
      11 STEVEN LUGERNER SEPTET Narratives Self-Released
      12 CAESAR PINK AND THE IMPERIAL ORGY Four Legs Good Two Legs Baaad! Chief Logan
      13 S.C.U.M Again Into Eyes Mute
      14 BJORK Biophilia Nonesuch
      15 MASTODON The Hunter Reprise
      16 MISFITS The Devil’s Rain Misfits
      17 BLOOD ORANGE Coastal Grooves Domino
      18 MORNING TELEPORTATION Expanding Anyway Glacial Pace
      19 JONATHAN SENNA A Perfect Fish 
      20 ABAGAIL GREY Apple Cherub Dove Self-Released
      21 NEAL PETERSON The Persistence Of Tides 
      22 BETHESDA Dreamtiger And Other Tails 
      23 CHRISTA WELLS How Emptiness Sings 
      24 RENE LOPEZ E.L.S. Nat Geo
      25 IRENE CARA Hot Caramel 
      26 ZUN ZUN EGUI Katang Bella Union
      27 FRISKA VILJOR The Beginning Of The Beginning Of The End Crying Bob
      28 WHISPERLIGHTS Surfaces 
      29 BEATA PATER Blue 
      30 SWAMPBOOTS Everything Ends Nothing Ends Well

        CMJ Music Reports for weeks of Oct. 11 – Oct. 18, Oct 18 to Oct. 25
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        CMJ was on hiatus two weeks ago so this is the top thirty KRFP spins for the weeks of Oct. 11 – Oct. 18, Oct 18 to Oct. 25.

        Apple iTunesYou can buy most of this music on iTunes.

        1 CORN MASH Nice And Hot Disc Makers
        2 BASSNECTAR Divergent Spectrum Amorphous
        3 PRIMUS Green Naugahyde ATO
        4 S.C.U.M Again Into Eyes Mute
        5 BJORK Biophilia Nonesuch
        6 MASTODON The Hunter Reprise
        7 GIFT Explode La Folie
        8 FORREST DAY Forrest Day Ninth Street Opus
        9 MISFITS The Devil’s Rain Misfits
        10 MEMORYHOUSE The Years Sub Pop-Arcade Sound
        11 BLOOD ORANGE Coastal Grooves Domino
        12 CHRISTOPHER O’RILEY Shuffle.Play.Listen Oxingale
        13 MOGWAI Earth Division Sub Pop
        14 JOHN SURMAN Flashpoint: NDR Jazz Workshop April 1969 Cuneiform
        15 CALM PARADOX Calm Paradox
        16 TARTUFI Nests Of Waves And Wire Southern
        17 PLAIN JANE AUTOMOBILE Your Tomorrow
        18 BETHESDA Dreamtiger And Other Tails
        19 SLEIGH BELLS Treats Mom And Pop
        20 LOW C’mon Sub Pop
        21 PHIL BARRY Between The Carolinas
        22 RADICAL DADS Mega Rama Uninhabitable Mansions
        23 FRISKA VILJOR The Beginning Of The Beginning Of The End Crying Bob
        24 ATMOSPHERE The Family Sign Rhymesayers
        25 GARY CLARK JR. Bright Lights [EP] Warner Bros.
        26 WE WERE PROMISED JETPACKS In The Pit Of The Stomach FatCat
        27 SWAMPBOOTS Everything Ends Nothing Ends Well
        28 TIM HORNER The Places We Feel Free Miles High
        29 STEVEN LUGERNER SEPTET Narratives Self-Released
        30 VARIOUS ARTISTS Red Hot And Rio 2: Nova Tropicalia eOne

          CMJ Music Report for the Week of Oct 4 to Oct 10, 2011
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          Apple iTunesYou can buy most of this music on iTunes.

          1. BASSNECTAR Divergent Spectrum Amorphous
          2. PRIMUS Green Naugahyde ATO
          3. BJORK Biophilia Nonesuch
          4. VARIOUS ARTISTS Red Hot And Rio 2: Nova Tropicalia eOne
          5. STEVEN LUGERNER SEPTET Narratives Self-Released
          6. PINEY GIR COUNTRY ROADSHOW Jesus Wept Greyday
          7. MOGWAI Earth Division Sub Pop
          8. CHAD MCCULLOUGH AND BRAM WEIJTERS Imaginary Sketches
          9. WASHED OUT Within And Without Sub Pop
          10. RENE LOPEZ E.L.S. Nat Geo
          11. SLEIGH BELLS Treats Mom And Pop
          12. S.C.U.M Again Into Eyes Mute
          13. CATALDO Prison Boxing Red Pepper
          14. CALM BLUE SEA The Calm Blue Sea Modern Outsider
          15. DRY RIVER YACHT CLUB Family Portraits Calm Mutiny [EP]
          16. BLOOD ORANGE Coastal Grooves Domino
          17. CHRISTOPHER O’RILEY Shuffle.Play.Listen Oxingale
          18. MASTODON The Hunter Reprise
          19. WADADA LEO SMITH Heart’s Reflection Cuneiform
          20. FANG ISLAND Fang Island Sargent House
          21. FORREST DAY Forrest Day Ninth Street Opus
          22. COMPUTER MAGIC Electronic Fences [EP] White Iris
          23. MISTER HEAVENLY Out Of Love Sub Pop
          24. ATMOSPHERE The Family Sign Rhymesayers
          25. AFUCHE Highly Publicized Digital Boxing Match Cuneiform
          26. MISFITS The Devil’s Rain Misfits
          27. CALM PARADOX Calm Paradox
          28. WE WERE PROMISED JETPACKS In The Pit Of The Stomach FatCat
          29. WHISPERLIGHTS Surfaces
          30. ABSTRACT GIANTS Abstract Giants Self-Released

            CMJ Charts, August 8, 2011
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            Top 35 music listings for KRFP.  You can buy most of this music by clicking the iTunes link.


            1 AJ KLUTH’S ALDRIC Anvils And Broken Bells oa2
            2 GUTBUCKET Flock Cuneiform
            3 WADADA LEO SMITH Heart’s Reflection Cuneiform
            4 LED BIB Bring Your Own Cuneiform
            5 CARLO DE ROSA’S CROSS-FADE Brain Dance Cuneiform
            6 SCENES Silent Photographer
            7 ELSPETH SAVANI Flights Of Mind
            8 KOREY RIKER Prehumous
            9 BILL ANSCHELL Figments Origin
            10 STORMS/NOCTURNES VIA Origin

            Everything else

            1 JAPANESE POPSTARS Controlling Your Allegiance EMI-Astralwerks
            2 TENNIS PRO Shimokita Is Dead? Self-Released
            3 FRUIT BATS Tripper Sub Pop
            4 WASHED OUT Within And Without Sub Pop
            5 PALEO Fruit Of The Spirit Partisan
            6 IVORY THEORY Beautiful The Mess We Are
            7 CHAD VANGAALEN Diaper Island Sub Pop
            8 VARIOUS ARTISTS Red Hot And Rio 2: Nova Tropicalia eOne
            9 JOE KROWN TRIO Triple Threat Self-Released
            10 VARIOUS ARTISTS PDX Pop Now! 2011 PDX Pop Now!
            11 WARREN HAYNES Man In Motion Evil Teen
            12 ERIC HIMAN Supposed Unknown
            13 KILLS Blood Pressures Domino
            14 ABSTRACT GIANTS Abstract Giants Self-Released
            15 PACK A.D. We Kill Computers Mint
            16 ARCTIC MONKEYS Suck It And See Domino
            17 MY MY MY Wishing You Whatever’s Best Le Petit Mort
            18 BELA FLECK AND THE FLECKTONES Rocket Science eOne
            19 PORTUGAL. THE MAN In The Mountain In The Cloud Approaching AIRballoons-Atlantic
            20 STS9 When The Dust Settles [EP] 1320
            21 CEREBRAL BALLZY Cerebral Ballzy Williams Street
            22 OKKERVIL RIVER I Am Very Far Jagjaguwar
            23 HEMMINGBIRDS Death Wave
            24 HANDSOME FURS Sound Kapital Sub Pop
            25 FUCKED UP David Comes To Life Matador
            26 FIGURE 45 Summer Shift Self-Released
            27 RADICAL DADS Mega Rama Uninhabitable Mansions
            28 LUKE WADE AND NO CIVILIANS Tomorrow’s Ghosts
            29 FLEET FOXES Helplessness Blues Sub Pop
            30 WIZ KHALIFA Rolling Papers Atlantic