Moscow Food Coop Board Meeting 4-12-16

  • This is the Public Forum section of the April 12, 2016 of the Moscow Food Coop Board of Directors meeting held in the Fiske Room of the 1912 Center in Moscow, Idaho.  The issue was, as you will hear, the disqualification of Bill Beck from the Board of Directors election, where Beck was running for re-election.  Beck is maintaining he was disqualified because he spoke up about Christ Church.  The Coop Board maintains they disqualified Beck as a candidate because he started a rumor that a certain section of the local faith community had instigated a ‘no’ vote campaign against him and/or the other four candidates running for the four open seats on the 7-seat Moscow Food Coop Board.  In an interview with KRFP broadcast Monday evening and Tuesday morning, Beck says it was not a rumor, but political speech based on fact, and in any case, he did not start it.

There was some debate at the beginning of the MFC Board meeting about whether KRFP 90.3 should be allowed to record at all, the concern being some portion played on the radio or made available on the internet could be taken out of context.  This recording was made after the Coop Board held a vote allowing KRFP to record the Public Forum section of the meeting, but not the rest of the Board meeting.  So here is the entire section that KRFP was allowed to record, starting with local attorney Tim Gresbeck.

Portions of this recording will be incorporated in news stories on KRFP which will run on the Wed., April 13th edition of Morning Mix (7-10 am) and Evening Report 5:30 pm.  KRFP will broadcast the entire Public Comment section during a special extended vesion of the KRFP Evening Report Friday, April 15th at 5:30 pm.  Both those broadcasts can be heard on 90.3 FM or on-line via the website.  The Friday edition of the KRFP Evening Report will also contain Bill Beck’s interview with KRFP.  On Monday, KRFP reached out to Moscow Food Coop Board Chair Collette DePhelps via phone and e-mail for comment on the situation and the various Co-op rules surrounding their decision to remove Bill Beck from the Board, and had not received a reply as of Tuesday night at 8:50 pm.  DePhelps said at the Board meeting the Board will issue a written reply to the comments during the public forum, probably before the next monthly Food Coop Board meeting.  KRFP will report on that reply when it arrives.

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3 comments on “Moscow Food Coop Board Meeting 4-12-16
  1. Maree McHugh says:

    Thank you for covering this important issue.

  2. Brett Haverstick says:

    Thank you KRFP for supporting free speech in all that you do. Too bad the Co-Op cannot do the same.

  3. Diana Armstrong says:

    Thanks! Having the free press there with mike on was the most powerful statement of the evening. You would think we got together and organized this as each person said something different, but no. It was an awesome 15 minutes. Was it a memorial?

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