Moscow Mayor Candidate Forum

  • Candidates for Mayor Nancy Chaney and Bill Lambert take phone calls on KRFP Wed., Oct 30, 2013

Topics Addressed:

- Joseph Street Ballfields

- Legalized recreational marijuana in Pullman and its impact on Moscow

- Development of Legacy Crossing

- Solid waste and roll-carts

- City council discussion/vote of non-discrimination ordinance on April 1st

- State of Idaho considering banning non-discrimination ordinances

- Idaho statute allowing transporting of 129,000-pound loads

- Candidate's proudest city achievement in which they participated

- Big-box store ordinance

- Prioritization of mobility regarding bicycles

- Establishment of a reservoir in Pullman

- Dynamic display signs ordinance

- Animals in the city and urban agriculture

- The Tea Party agenda

- Privatization of some city departments

- Alternative water sources

- Should the potential of an all-male city council be an issue?

- Does Moscow need stronger bicycle traffic laws?

- What is the primary role of the mayor?

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