Morning Mix – Civil Disobedience Stops Tar Sands Megaload

Megaload Protest 8-26-11

Megaload Protest 8-26-11

Friday, August 26 , 2011 –

A crowd of about 150 protesters turned to spontaneous civil disobedience and blocked a 413,000 pound Exxon-Mobil ‘megaload’ shipment on a downtown Moscow, Idaho street for about a half hour early this morning.  Six arrests.   The so-called ‘over-legal’ load is one of hundreds of Korean-made modules Exxon-Mobil Canadian subsidiary Imperial Oil wants to ship through the Northwest to build a bitumen extraction plant in the Alberta Tar Sands.

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2 comments on “Morning Mix – Civil Disobedience Stops Tar Sands Megaload
  1. Daniel F says:

    “…he was not an agitator [referring to man who broke video]”. WOW. I have VIDEO of him doing that. He was quite the agitator, and was foul-mouthing the police the whole time. These are NOT heroes. They are criminals blocked the road.

  2. Chris Young says:

    Finally, someone telling it like it is! Thank you to this woman, to the mayor of Moscow, Idaho, and to all the other protesters for standing up to a project that, if carried out as planned, could mean “game over” for the climate (NASA Climatologist James Hansen’s words). By which I assume he has in mind locked-in sea-level rise of at least 10 feet by the turn of the century, along with billions of storm damage every year, on top of last years $44 billion in the US alone. They’ve got it right: it’s genocide of the most vulnerable billions of people in Africa and East Asia.

    RAW VIDEO: Megaload going through Moscow, Idaho shortly after midnight on August 26th, 2011. Multiple arrests. Largest case of civil disobedience recorded in Moscow, Idaho. About 150 people gathered to protest this megaload.

    Moscow Police arrested at least 6 protesters. The Megaload did get through.

    A friend of Alberta had this to say about the Exxon Megaloads and “Tar Sands”:
    All those loads are bound for up here in Alberta (the tar sands). I’m just amazed at why this people think the tar sands are ‘dirty’. They would have a bird if they walked along the Athabasca river and find out that in some places the oil ‘naturally’ oozes out of the ground and into the river. Exxon is actually cleaning up nature if you want to look at it that way.
    These guys are just nuts.”

    Moscow Mayor Nancy Chaney stood by and later made approving comments of the protest, Moscow’s largest act of civil disobedience.

    Moscow Daily News said this: “Moscow Mayor Nancy Chaney said she was saddened by the passing of the megaload through Moscow to the Alberta Tar Sands, but felt the protest was successful.

    “I thought the protest was peaceful and powerful,” she said. “I think law enforcement, from my observations, handled it well,” she said.
    Chaney said she hopes Imperial Oil/ExxonMobil will consider an alternative route from the Port of Pasco up U.S. Highway 395 then Interstate 90 through Washington and Idaho and into Montana to Interstate 15.”

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