KRFP Spring 2015 Schedule – Week at a Glance

Beth Brownell is the winner of the Jamis Citizen 2 Bicycle from KRFP! Thank you all who participated in our raffle!

Spring 2015 Volunteer Deejay Applications are here! Be a KRFP Community Deejay!

The fall season runs from MLK Day in January to Memorial Day in May.  We train community members as deejays and radio hosts.  No radio experience is necessary.

Submit KRFPDeejayApplicationSpring2015 (2 pages), along with Schedule Grid (1 page). Print all 3 pages, fill in, and bring or mail to the station.

If you don’t have a printer, paper applications are available at KRFP (114 E. 3rd St.) enter via the alley, or on the shelf in the hall outside Mikey’s Gyros.
For best results, get your application in by Thurs., Aug. 28th at 7:00 pm.  Applications received after that time will be considered for remaining un-assigned time slots.

Dear Friend,

Thanks to you, KRFP is now heard loud and clear throughout the Palouse Region broadcasting at 42 watts on 90.3 FM from our new antenna on Paradise Ridge.  Radio Free Moscow now brings progressive radio to listeners in the Moscow-Pullman area, and rural Latah and Whitman counties.  We appreciate and need your on-going support.

Think about all that KRFP brings to you the listener and to our Palouse community!

Radio Free Moscow broadcasts news, views, commentary and diverse music that you don’t hear on other radio stations. In a media-rich world you can depend on KRFP to bring you high quality programs that provide in-depth analysis and improves awareness and knowledge of issues that concern the citizens of our local and global communities; from climate change to poverty on the Palouse, from how to raise healthy chickens in your own back yard to what’s happening at the White House, you will hear what is important on KRFP.  KRFP also focuses on coverage of local art and cultural events, including interviews with writers, poets, musicians and artists. We bring you live candidate forums for local elections, coverage of civic meetings, the Palouse Basin Water Summit, League of Women Voter’s noon lecture series and other important events. You can hear live broadcasts from Farmer’s Market during the season.  KRFP offers the opportunity for non-profit action groups to promote the services they provide.  Community radio provides the opportunity to empower citizens to speak directly to their community, and to learn new skills in radio broadcasting, news-writing, citizen journalism, production and interviewing.

The monthly operating budget for KRFP to serve the community 24 hours a day is about $2500.  This is an increase from last year’s monthly budget due to the additional expenses of tower rent, and electricity on Paradise Ridge.  Our fees to Pacifica have increased as well as the fees we pay to Free Speech Radio News (FSRN) and Community Public Radio (CPR).  Our Station Manager has not had a raise in over 5 years.  KRFP manages to do so much on such a small amount because we are volunteer driven.  As you can hear when you tune into 90.3 FM, we do a lot on this shoe-string budget!   Now that we are broadcasting throughout Latah and Whitman Counties our Station Manager and dedicated volunteers will need to do more, as we focus on outreach to the citizens of Pullman and the rural counties.

KRFP is strategically planning for future expansion. While we now are broadcasting at 42 watts from Paradise Ridge, which makes us an FCC-designated “full power station” broadcasting to the greater Palouse region, our full power expansion project is ongoing and involves yet another step.  The second step is applying to the FCC for an 1100 watt directional signal, which will further expand Radio Free Moscow’s reach, and fill in pockets of lesser reception, such as in steel frame buildings or in outlying areas.  This project will require ongoing fundraising over the next three years.  Our signal engineer, Michael Brown of Brown Broadcast Services, is working on our FCC application now and will need to be paid.  He is also working on licensing our 950 MHz equipment to so we will have a second way to get our signal to the transmitter site on Paradise Ridge. This will ensure we have a back-up way to get our signal to the Paradise Ridge transmitter site in case of technical problems or signal drop-outs.  KRFP is actively seeking funding for this expansion through grants and donations.

The reality is we depend on the generous donations from YOU our supporters for station operating expenses.

Please send a tax-deductible donation today to support the voice and values of community radio.  Use the enclosed envelope, or you can donate on-line at   Send what you can afford, every contribution helps.


Al Chidester Chair – KRFP Board of Directors

Maree McHugh – KRFP Board of Directors

Leigh Robartes – Station Manager

Our signal is much improved in Moscow and Pullman.  KRFP’s progressive broadcasting can now be heard in rural Latah and Whitman Counties.  In our first few weeks of broadcasting on 90.3 FM, we have received reports of reception in Genesee, Troy, Deary, Potlatch, Southwick, Garfield, Palouse and Albion.

Tom Voorhees – engineering project consultant; Donna DiBianco – Operations Management Consultant; and Leigh Robartes KRFP Station Manager. These are just a few of the many people responsible for the success of KRFP’s 42 Watt Project.

For those of you who are new, listening to KRFP on 90.3 FM for the first time: Welcome to progressive community radio.   We would like to hear from you, and let us know where you are picking up our signal.  We would appreciate reception reports at 208-892-9300 or email Station Manager Leigh Robartes at

Check out our program schedule here.

Coverage area map for the new 42 watt ‘Step up to Full Power’ signal on 90.3 FM

Read what was written previously about the project, and see signal maps for the future 1100 watt signal and the old Low Power FM signal, here.

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